The number of points earned will vary based on the product and quantity purchased. Points earned are reflected in your Account.

Bonus Tier Qualification

Earn points even faster by increasing your purchases in a fiscal quarter. Increase your purchases by 5% or more (compared to the same quarter in the previous year) and earn bonus points!

Tier Level Purchase Growth
(Compared to same quarter previous year)
Bonus Points
1 Purchase Growth < 5% Base offer only
2 Purchase Growth 5 – 9.99% 2X Points
3 Purchase Growth 10 – 19.99% 5X Points
4 Purchase Growth of 20% or more 10X Points

Purchase growth is based on your total purchases made each quarter, compared to the previous year’s quarter. If you have not purchased in the previous year the maximum tier level that can be attained is Tier Level 2 and your growth quantity will be based on a minimum quarterly target of 24 units. For example, if last year in this quarter you had no purchases, and this quarter you purchased 34 units, you will receive a growth bonus of 2x on 10 units (34 units minus the 24 unit minimum).


Bonus Offers

Keep an eye out for bonus offers that allow you to earn even more points! Check back regularly and ensure the email you’ve entered in your ITP Rewards profile is current. Also, to ensure continued receipt of our emails, add our email address: noreply@e.rewards.itptires.com to your address book.

How We Calculate Your Rewards

Base Points

  • Transactions/rewards are processed monthly. Please allow an additional 3-4 weeks for your points to appear in your Account.
  • You will earn points on all qualifying purchase made, beginning in the month you join the ITP Rewards Program.

Tiered Growth Bonus Points

  • Growth Bonus points are issued only on this year’s additional units purchased. For example, if you purchase 5 - 9.99% more in Q1 this year than in Q1 last year, you will receive Base points for the number of units purchased up to last year’s quantity PLUS you will receive 2X points for every additional tire and/or wheel purchased beyond that amount. Your Growth Bonus resets each quarter so, to receive Growth Bonus points in Q2, your Q2 purchases for the current year will need to exceed your Q2 purchases in the previous year by 5% or more, and so on throughout the year.


  • This program requires a minimum of 100 units in annual purchases with ITP. If you met this threshold last year you are eligible to earn rewards right away! If you did not reach this threshold last year you can still join the program and points will be accrued from the first unit purchased following enrollment but will show as “Pending” in your Account until the minimum purchase level is met. When you reach 100 units, the points will be released. If you do not meet the minimum purchase level by the end of the reward year, any Pending Points will expire.
  • Points are awarded on shipped items only. If items are backordered, Points will be awarded when item is shipped.
  • Points are not awarded on taxes or freight; rewards are subtracted for all returned purchases.
  • We reserve the right to modify the reward program offers at any time with or without notice in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.

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ITP Rewards Program
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For complete details, see current Program Terms and Conditions

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